IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Short Talks

On Voting Machine Design for Verification and Testability, Cynthia Sturton (UC Berkeley)
Using Java for a Forensically Secure Encryption, Cedric Jeannot (Louisville)
Shill Bidding Detection Using Social Network Analysis, Hai Wang (PSU Scranton)
Membership-concealing overlay network, Eugene Vassermann, Minnesota
Acoustic Side-Channel Attacks on Printers, Michael Backes, Saarland
Secure Web Templating, Adrian Mettler (UC Berkeley)
A Physics for Digital Information Systems, Fred Cohen (California Sciences Institute)
Encoding Information Flow Types Using Authorization Logic Constructs, Limin Jia (UPenn)
The Security Through Environmentalism Theorem, Steven Greenwald (
A Functionality for Symmetric Encryption in Simulation-Based Security: Joint State Theorems and Applications, Ralf Kuesters (U of Trier)
NSF Future Internet Design "Program", Darleen Fisher (NSF)
Optical Scanning of Paper Election Ballots, Arel Cordero (UC Berkeley)
WOMBAT: Worldwide Observatory for Malicious Behavior and Attack Threats, Sotiris Ioannidis (FORTH)
Application of 3-D Integration to hardware trust, Ted Huffmire (Naval Postdoc School)
Security 2.0 Strategic Initiative, JR Rao (IBM Research)

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