IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy


The poster session will be held Monday, 18 May from 6-8pm (with the reception). Posters were selected based on responses to the Call for Posters.

Poster chair: Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Purdue University)
Empowering Security Evaluation of IT Products with Options Theory
Haider Abbas, Louise Yngström, Ahmed Hemani (KTH, Sweden)
Towards Music-Assisted Intrusion Detection
A. Brown, M. Vargas Martin, B. Capralos, M. Green (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshava, Canada), M.A. Garcia-Ruiz (University of Colima, Mexico)
Efficient Character-Level Taint Tracking for Java
Erika Chin (University of California, Berkeley)
Analyzing Information Flow in JavaScript-based Browser Extensions
M. Dhawan and V. Ganapathy (Rutgers University, USA)
Priviledge Separation for Databases
Matthew Finifter, Adrienne Felt, Joel Weinberger (University of California, Berkeley)
Integration of COBIT, Balanced Scorecard and SSE-CMM as a Strategic Information Security Management Framework
James E. Goldman and Suchit Ahuja (Purdue University, USA)
Distributed Key Generation in the Wild
A. Kate, I. Goldberg (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Secure Processors as Trusted Anchor Points for System Security
R. Kenny and C. Robinson (CPU Technology)
Speculative Authorizations
P. Kini and K. Beznosov (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Exploring the Web Threats Ecosystem
C. Leita and M. Dacier (Symantec Research Europe, France)
PPDNS: Privacy-Preserving Domain Name System
Y. Lu and G. Tsudik (University of California, Irvine, USA)
A Novel Approach to Access Control for the Web
M. Machulak and A. van Moorsel (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
A Confidential Wireless Channel for Side-Channel Communication in MANETs
M. Odor, M.Vargas Martin (University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshava, Canada), R. Liscano, P Mason (R&D Canada)
CCCP: Secure Remote Storage for Computational RFIDs
M. Salajegheh, S. Clark, B. Ransford, K, Fu (University of Masachusetts, Amherst, USA), Ari Juels (RSA Laboratories, USA)
Web Application Diffusion in Online Social Networks
M. Shehab, E. Williams, (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA)
Towards Secure Web 2.0 User Content Sharing Beyond Walled Gardens
San-Tsai Sun and Konstantin Beznosov (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Privacy-Aware Publishing of Netflix Data
B. Thomson, C. Chang (Rutgers University), H. Wang (Stevens Institute of Technology), D. Yao (Rutgers University)
Implementation of a Time-Lapse Cryptography Service
C. Thorpe, M. Barrientos (General Cryptography, USA) and M.O. Rabin (Harvard University, USA)
Wireless Device Identification from a Phase Noise Perspective
Q. Wang, K. Ren, Y. Xu (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)
CompareView - A Provenance Verification Framework for Detecting Rookit-Based Malware
C. Wu and D. Yao (Rutgers University)
Accountable Attribute-Based Broadcast
S. Yu, W. Lou (Worchester Polytechnic Institute, USA), K. Ren (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)