IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

Call for Short Talks

Submission Deadline: 18 May 2009 (1:30pm Pacific)
Notification: 18 May 2009 (11:59pm Pacific)
Submission Address:
Submission Subject: Oakland 5-Minute Talk

A continuing feature of the symposium is a session of 5-minute talks where attendees can present preliminary research results or summaries of emerging topics that may be of interest to the Oakland community. Abstracts for 5-minute talks must fit on one US letter page, including the title and all author names and affiliations. Submit abstracts prior to the conference by email to Patrick Traynor ( by the end of the first morning (Monday) of the symposium.

While the majority of these presentations will be accepted and notified per the above dates, we will also review and accept a small number of presentations prior to the meeting, with an early decision, for those who require a decision in order to plan their travel. Such submissions must be received no later than April 15th.

The short talks session will be held Tuesday (19 May) afternoon, and time limits will be strictly enforced.

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